Content Specialist

Mary-Paige McLaurin

Mary-Paige joined the Greenway team as a content specialist in June 2021 after extensive experience in visual storytelling with collegiate athletics. Most recently, she served as the producer and project manager in the New and Creative Media Department with South Carolina athletics. In this role she created engaging photo and video content for various South Carolina sports teams, including Gamecock football. 

Mary-Paige spent more than 2 years volunteering on a national level with the American Cancer Society in different capacities, including social media chair and team chair for the National Campus & Youth Engagement Team. Doing this work helped her discover her passion for nonprofits and led to her decision to pursue more impactful work. 

Mary-Paige is a graduate of South Carolina where she obtained her Master and Bachelor of Science in Sport and Entertainment Management. In her free time, she likes to run on new trails and attend South Carolina sporting events.

mary paige
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