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East Coast Greenway Podcast

Our podcast series introduces you to some of the leaders, volunteers, planners, and ambassadors and more who are working behind the scenes to create healthier communities, transportation alternatives, and environmental stewardship through greenways and trails.

Designing a bike-share program that works locally, inspires nationally

As program manager of the City of Philadelphia’s Better Bike Share Partnership, Waffiyyah Murray leads a unique program with local and national partners. She talks about the program’s roots and some of its initiatives to increase equitable access, such as classes in digital literacy and bike safety.

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Building stewardship by connecting people to waterways

Andrew Johnson, program director for the watershed protection program at the William Penn Foundation, explains why the foundation works to build a constituency of people who support the Delaware Watershed and an ecosystem of partners.


Quantifying the impact of infrastructure and policies

As a manager at Econsult Solutions, Inc., Gina Lavery works at the intersection of public policy and economics. Among the many numbers she crunched for a report on the impact of the East Coast Greenway in the Mid-Atlantic region: 10,000 acres of open space surround the Greenway in this region, with 5,700 acres of tree canopy.

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Designing a robust local trail network

Matt Ludwig brings engineering and planning expertise to his work building out greenways and trails in the Delaware Valley. A senior engineer with NV5, Ludwig hopes that one day most area residents can access trails not far from their front doors.

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Advocating for trails as transportation option

It’s OK if most people don’t know the work that the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission takes on, says Shawn Megill Legendre, assistant manager of DVRPC’s Regional Trails Program. What’s important is that more trails are being built in the region, and more gaps in the trail network are being closed.

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Thanks to Patrick Sabol, deputy director at Infrastructure Week, for his technical assistance and editing of our podcast episodes.

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