A long walk, the Greenway, and gratitude

with kiosk sign
Three FreeWalkers hiked 165 miles from Boston to Portland, Maine in July 2017.

By Loredana Delucchi

Every year Ken Kurland, Nancy Jonap, and I take time off from work to walk a section of the East Coast Greenway. Our goal is to walk the trail from New York to Calais, Maine, and then cross the Canadian border to return a Canadian penny found on the East Coast Greenway.  This year we made it from Boston to Portland, Maine, 165 miles.

Walking on the East Coast Greenway has allowed us to experience six states, many cities, neighborhoods, trails, woods, lakes, rivers, roads, and sea. Our senses have heightened in appreciation. We’ve enjoyed seeing different communities and interacting with the many people we’ve met.

walking through village

We've appreciated the East Coast Greenway signs that guided us along the trail. We've loved the art we pass by, and we’ve admired the creativity expressed by people through their mailboxes.

truck mailbox

We’ve seen lovely homes including many historic ones. We’ve learned about the history of the places we passed and the different species inhabiting the areas. We’ve experienced the fury and the pristine tranquility of nature. We’ve felt tiredness in our legs and feet — but our smiles never faded. We’ve traveled through paths of magnificent beauty.


As we look forward to continuing our walk next year, we express our most profound gratitude to Molly Henry [New England coordinator for the East Coast Greenway] and to everyone who offered us rides between hotels and the trail. We thank all those who offered us water, hugs, and smiles.  We also thank everyone who works for and support the East Coast Greenway, a real treasure for all of us and future generations.  And lastly but not least, we thank Paul Kiczek and FreeWalkers.

with paul
Loredana Delucchi with Paul Kiczek, founder and president of the nonprofit FreeWalkers
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