From our executive director: Greenway the vote in this historic election

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All smiles for the Markatos-Soriano family following early voting in Durham, North Carolina.

Most of the time, democratic engagement is a mix of calls, emails, and meetings with elected officials from the local to the federal level. But this fall is one of those special times when we get to choose the leaders we'll be meeting with for the next few years. 

You already know this. Most of us have been watching debates and getting involved, especially in swing states like here in North Carolina. A record 66 million Americans have voted early, and we are still a week away! If you haven't yet voted, I recommend a great walk or bike ride to the polls on your local greenway segment. And remember your mask, similar to this one we just started selling to help our Greenway fans stay healthy in the tough months ahead. 

My family and I enjoyed our ride to the polls. We were eager to elect leaders ready to bring Americans together to tackle key challenges of the day from the pandemic health crisis and resulting job losses to the dangerous effects of a destabilizing climate. We have an opportunity to recover as a nation through unifying solutions like constructing equitable public space through Greenway Stimulus, creating and supporting good jobs in this time of need. 

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No better way to get to the polls!

And while my kids have several years before they get to fill out a ballot, they enjoyed the ride and we got to exercise their young civic muscles. At the East Coast Greenway Alliance, we've designated Tuesday, Nov. 3 as a paid holiday so that our staff can vote or support the democratic process in any capacity they choose. 

Share your Greenway Vote stories with us on social media. And let's get ready to engage November's winners to complete the East Coast Greenway so our communities can reap the benefits of safe biking and walking corridors for all. 

Here's to leaders ready to build a healthier, more equitable and sustainable future for people throughout the Eastern Seaboard and beyond!


Dennis Markatos-Soriano,  Executive Director

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Long lines for early voting in Durham, North Carolina.
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