From our executive director: Visionary leaders, and how we get more of them

Former Delaware Governor Jack Markell (center, at a Greenway celebration in 2014) and his leadership in building greenways will be honored September 22 at Trailfest in Wilmington, DE, with group rides on the new Jack A. Markell Trail.

Visionary public servants are not just the lifeblood of our democracy, they are also necessary ingredients to moving vital projects like the East Coast Greenway forward. Whether they are federal leaders deciding the fate of critical infrastructure grants or town council members engaging neighbors to develop an enriching local park for young and old, our communities can be transformed by elected leaders' commitment to the greater good.

And we can't just wait for them like we wait for the next Roger Federer of tennis, Mia Hamm of soccer, or Lebron James of basketball. Unlike spectator sports, inspirational leaders rise from among us when we get involved in public life, vote, and share our passion. Just as John Muir planted the seed for our National Park System with President Roosevelt, we must share our vision and passion for the East Coast Greenway with current leaders and candidates in this election season. And of course, we must get out and vote on November 6.

There are so many stories of elected leaders making the Greenway a reality: from Connecticut's Governor Malloy — whose administration has catapulted the ECG forward through tens of millions in investment — to North Carolina's Wake County Commissioner Sig Hutchinson, who has been key to making the Triangle the most complete metro area in the Greenway's 3,000-mile corridor. 

I'm so proud of how many of you show your support for the Greenway throughout the year, from groundbreakings and public hearings to ribbon cuttings and petitions. Together, we can accelerate our progress and help unify our country — from the urban streets of Manhattan and Miami to rural regions like Downeast Maine and the Low Country of South Carolina. 

Let's take time these next eight weeks to cultivate the visionaries of tomorrow. Instead of anxiously clicking on Nate Silver's polls, let's spend time strengthening the public will for greenways and share our appreciation for visionary leaders like former Governor Markell of Delaware, for Governor Baker in Massachusetts, and many more. 

To a healthy & sustainable future,


Dennis Markatos-Soriano, Executive Director


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