Nothing short of transformational: Our new strategic plan to 2025

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Board of Trustees Co-Chair Brandon Douglass (left) and Executive Director Dennis Markatos-Soriano

Over the past decade, the size and impact of the East Coast Greenway Alliance has grown dramatically thanks to active and dedicated supporters like you. Since 2012, we have roughly doubled the miles of completed greenway within our 3,000-mile corridor. Today, our route hosts over 50 million bike rides, runs and walks per year – more than any park in the country.

Despite those successes, there are still major challenges facing our communities, and our nation calls on us to do much more. Completing our system of equitable public space from Maine to Florida is a critical component of how we tackle the climate crisis, transform public health, build community in divided times and establish a model of safety. Making walking and biking to school, work and play accessible to all is an organizational priority. That’s why we spent time in 2021 developing a 4-year strategic plan to clarify our path to completing the East Coast Greenway.

As leaders of our organization, we are proud to share highlights from our plan that we hope to achieve in partnership with you. The plan has four pillars:

  • Build the Greenway by securing funding and deploying it effectively: our goal is to attract $500 million in funding between 2021 and 2025
  • Strengthen the Alliance as an organization to enact systemic change
  • Develop strategic and collaborative partnerships that lead to equitable investment in communities throughout our corridor
  • Boost awareness of the Greenway to advance the organization’s bold vision and values

For too long, many lower-income communities and neighborhoods and communities of color haven’t enjoyed access to greenways and the benefits they bring. We aim to address those historic inequities by deepening community engagement and engaging in partnerships that turn gaps into plans and designs into constructed greenways for all to enjoy.

As an organization that has now attracted approximately $2 billion in public investment, we aim to focus our experience and expertise on the regions and communities that need our partnership most, with equity and community at the center of our effort.

We are utilizing the latest census data to help us better understand the communities we connect along our corridor. By deepening our understanding of these communities, we hope to better reflect their diversity and build unity through the common values of safety, shared prosperity, environmental stewardship and health. We are reaching across conventional lines of difference – from urban to rural; across race, ethnicity and income levels; and throughout the political spectrum.

We aim for nothing short of transformation for our project, our organization and our region – striving for a better tomorrow through completed greenway networks. As a nonprofit organization, we are in a unique position to bring the worlds of public advocacy, philanthropy, government and the private sector together to achieve the common goal of a completed East Coast Greenway. As our linear park develops, we hope to catalyze transformation throughout our 450 communities, 15 states and beyond and to become a model for other systems around the country and throughout the world.

Our strategic plan was completed thanks to dedicated volunteers and staff of the East Coast Greenway Alliance who held several virtual meetings and discussions during the challenging time of the COVID crisis. The process was facilitated and led by Mission Partners, an inspiring women-owned, Certified B corporation committed to nonprofit impact for good.

Please explore our strategic plan and consider ways you can help to inspire funding and partnerships to complete the East Coast Greenway. Together, we can achieve this bold plan for an equitable, healthy and sustainable tomorrow. Our region needs us to succeed. And with your help, all of us at the East Coast Greenway Alliance are poised to achieve these goals that are nothing short of transformational.

- Board of Trustees Co-Chair Brandon Douglass &  Executive Director Dennis Markatos-Soriano

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