Taking a stand for equity

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Unified in our diversity, while addressing the difficult truths of a history of social injustices and racism, we aim to build a safe and equitable East Coast Greenway.

Today, more than ever, our values and principles of inclusion, safety and community guide our mission to complete a public linear park accessible and welcoming to all.

We prioritize safety in the design and development of the Greenway, understanding that there are factors beyond traffic threats - racism, violence and economic instability - that too often make outdoor recreation and active transportation unapproachable and unsafe. That is unacceptable and needs to change. 

As an organization that values open-mindedness, respect and humility, we have work to do. We are committed to the needed action in partnership with others to make this change in our organization and beyond.

Our friends at the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor Commission recently shared their thoughts “on our history and our nation’s present challenges” via this statement. We encourage all supporters of the Greenway to read it in full. 

Working together we can build bridges that connect and unite the people throughout our 450 East Coast Greenway communities through the development of safe public spaces for all.

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