Welcome Operations Manager Catherine Kitchin

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With a rich background in operations management and human resources, Catherine Kitchin recently joined the East Coast Greenway Alliance as its Durham, North Carolina-based operations manager. She brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role, ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization's daily activities.

“I'm excited to join the East Coast Greenway Alliance because I've long been passionate about making outdoor recreation more accessible and inclusive,” Kitchin says. “The Greenway team is a wonderful group of hardworking folks who share that same passion.”

"Join me in welcoming Catherine Kitchin to the East Coast Greenway Alliance team," Deputy Director Niles Barnes says. "With her impressive background in operations management and human resources, Catherine is set to play a key role in enhancing our organization's impact."

Before joining the Alliance, Kitchin held the position of operations manager at the Monarch Joint Venture, a nonprofit organization dedicated to butterfly protection. In this role, she demonstrated exceptional leadership by overseeing day-to-day operations and implementing strategic initiatives. Her responsibilities included managing financial operations, improving internal record-keeping systems and facilitating state registration processes to support a dispersed team across the United States.

Prior to her work at Monarch Joint Venture, Kitchin served as operations manager at ArchiveSocial, where she made significant contributions to streamlining HR operations and driving organizational growth. She managed crucial tasks such as annual benefits enrollment, creating HR policies and facilitating the onboarding process for new employees. Her expertise in financial operations and vendor management played a pivotal role in the success of company-wide events and meetings.

With a bachelor's degree in parks, recreation and tourism management, focusing on program management, and a minor in nonprofit studies from North Carolina State University, Kitchin gained a comprehensive understanding of organizational dynamics and effective leadership strategies.

She enjoys live music, exploring nature through hiking adventures and moments spent with her beloved pets: dog Pete, and cats Reggie and Melvin.

Together, let's grow the Greenway

Recent record-setting funding for design and construction goes directly to building the East Coast Greenway - as it should. The East Coast Greenway Alliance needs your support to continue our advocacy work that is fueling completion of the Greenway. The Alliance has a sustained track record of turning every dollar donated to our nonprofit into $100 in public infrastructure investment. Invest today and support the growth of the East Coast Greenway from Maine to Florida.