Stefanie Boewe towed a trailer and Murf, her Australian Shepherd (except when he ran alongside her) the length of the Greenway in the spring of 2017, from Key West to Calais, Maine, including the complementary routes.

Long-Distance Trips

Ready to take on the challenge of riding the East Coast? 

The East Coast Greenway takes you through major cities — Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Miami, and more — and on flat to rolling stretches of urban, rural, and coastal communities in between.

A few dozen cyclists have completed the entire route in the Greenway’s first 25 years. As more people learn of the route, increasing numbers of cyclists are attempting to ride long stretches or the entire end-to-end route.

Remember that the East Coast Greenway is a work in progress (donate to help!). To ride long segments or the entire route, cyclists should be experienced and comfortable riding in traffic and navigating through urban and rural areas.

Join an intrepid crew

In 2004, seven cyclists became the first to ride the entire the East Coast Greenway, pedaling from Calais, Maine, to Key West, Florida, in 55 days. Here, a roster of those cyclists and fellow thru-bikers since then: 

  • Anne Kruimer '04 

  • Mike Kruimer '04 

  • Jack Kurrle '04

  • Mac Sexton '04

  • Myron Skott '04

  • Dave Wood '04

  • Hilge Hurford '04

  • Jenny Hylton '05

  • Will Hylton '05 

  • Faith Vicinanza '05

  • Peter Vicinanza '05

  • Holly Amidon '10

  • Joel Amidon '10

  • Glenn Hirsch '13

  • Bob Spiegelman '13

  • Cathy Skott '16

  • Myron Skott '16 *

  • David Paris '17

  • Stefanie Boewe (and Murf!) '17

  • Tom Gill '18

  • John Hamilton '18

  • Deirdre Bird '18

  • Lisa Watts '18

* First 2-time through-biker

kuimers on ramp in boston2004
Mike and Anne Kruimer of New Jersey on the 2004 end-to-end East Coast Greenway ride.
spiegelman head shot
Thru-bikers over the years

From top: Mike and Anne Kruimer, 2004; Jenny and Will Hylton, 2005; Bob Spiegelman, 2013

Long-distance and end-to-end trips

eastcoast route map
June 8, 2018

Long-distance riders and walkers hit the Greenway

stef and murf
April 24, 2017

Team Murf: Seeing America up close, from their handlebars and leash

screen shot 2017 01 13 at 12 01 40 pm 570x567
January 17, 2017

Trip tales: Ocean City to Key West

amber yash florida
July 2, 2017

July photo contest winner: Amber Yash, Florida Keys

screen shot 2017 07 02 at 8 12 11 am
November 16, 2016

Couple spends honeymoon on the Greenway, with Patch

November 14, 2016

Couple celebrates 25th anniversary with 3,000-mile bike ride

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