Couple spends honeymoon on the Greenway, with Patch

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Andy, Kerry, and Patch at the end of Route 1.

They called their trip, "Patch's Greenway Adventure: Where one geriatric Jack Russell terrier and his humans get their kicks on the East Coast Greenway." Kerry Dooley, Andy Castelano, and their dog Patch spent their 2007 honeymoon riding the Greenway from New Haven, Connecticut, to Key West, Florida.

Asked why, Kerry writes, "The short answer is, cyclists and other non-motorized travellers deserve a chance to get from place to place without having to brave the dangers of inattentive and homicidal motorists. Also, it sounded like a ton of fun and we wanted our honeymoon to be something more than just a week on a beach, though that sounded pretty good, too.

"The long answer is a little more personal. In August 2005, Andy was hit by a car. The driver didn't stop, but Andy did when his face hit the street. He was plenty angry and bitter for a while, but determined not to stay that way. Then, about a month later when the swelling was down and the long, expensive process of rebuilding Andy's teeth had begun, a flier from the East Coast Greenway arrived. Well, we were smitten and the rest is becoming history."

Read about their trip and see photos on their blog

Andy, Kerry, and Patch
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