About the East Coast Greenway

We're developing the nation's longest connected, people-powered route.

Imagine a continuous, protected path for cyclists, walkers, runners, inline skaters, equestrians, wheelchair users, cross-country skiers, and more. We're building that dream mile by mile, from Calais, Maine, at the Canadian border to Key West, Florida.

A linear park, the 3,000-mile East Coast Greenway is planned almost entirely on public right-of-ways, incorporating waterfront esplanades, park paths, abandoned railroad corridors, canal towpaths, and pathways along highway corridors. Complementary routes add another 2,000 scenic miles to the Greenway network.

Since our founding in 1991, the nonprofit East Coast Greenway Alliance has spearheaded the development of 30 percent of the route on off-road paths. 

Join the Greenway!

Your support helps to develop this ambitious, 3,000-mile route, Canada to Key West. Your membership gift builds more protected miles that we can all enjoy, today and for generations to come.